BetterBone FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that your pup get a new BetterBone once the ends are 30% warn. A good indication is to look at the dental ridges and/or numbs to see if they are full warn. Another great way is to look at the knuckle of the three ends. If you can no longer see the contours, it is time for a fresh round of REAL bacon goodness!
Bleeding gums, just like in humans, is a sign of inflammation. Light bleeding is expected in most cases, especially with the dental ends are chewed and plaque is broken up off your dogs’ teeth. BetterBones are not a substitution for tooth brushing. If significant bleeding is observed, this is a great indicator that your dog may need veterinary care.
There are four simple answers to this important question. First, we use two natural ingredients (Sustainably sourced wood fiber, and wood/plant-based oil.) Second, we also have designed it to be easily held by your pup during playtime with our wishbone design. Third, the BetterBone has a unique dental design incorporated into two of the three ends, making it one of the most well-rounded bones on the market. Lastly, our bone is sustainably made. See the next question for details!
This is a great question and one we love to answer. Our bone is made from 60% PEFC / FSC sustainably sourced all-natural wood fiber and 40% PEFC / FSC sustainably sourced wood/plant-based oil. Through a Life Cycle Analysis conducted by Nova Institute, the materials a BetterBone is made from emits less CO2 and consumes fewer fossil fuels than virgin plastic petroleum-based products.