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With over 25 years’ experience, Blue Standard lives and breathes sustainability, recycling, & equitable practices with a goal of using 100% recycled or sustainable material in all our cleverly-designed products. We provide our customers with high quality eco-friendly options they can trust.
Virgin plastic refers to plastics derived from petroleum based materials such as natural gas or crude oil, which has never been used or processed before. The use of new raw materials increases the carbon footprint during production. Using new recycling technologies, Blue Standard produces the highest quality consumer goods while greatly reducing CO2 emissions, in most cases between 94-96% (as reported in 3rd party Life Cycle Analysis by NOVA Institute).
A circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of natural resources. One of our main goals at Blue Standard is to empower consumers and companies alike with products and materials that steer us towards zero new emissions and use of virgin plastics.
All of our materials with the exception of one are 100% circular. Meaning they are made from recycled materials and can be completely recycled and redesigned once a product become outdated or unusable. The only product that is not made 100% recyclable material is the Ocean Plastic Hangers that are part of a Rescue 2 Redesign program that rescues plastic from the ocean and is made into new goods, only not recyclable. This rescue program is vital for not just ocean cleanup but diverting waste from landfills. Due to the degradation of the materials while in the ocean from exposure to UV, saltwater, and the churning of the ocean, the raw material cannot be recycled after we manufacture it into one of our special products.
Betterbone and our other pet products are a direct reflection of our core values: Sustainable, safe, effective, and cleverly designed. Made from just 3 ingredients (natural wood pulp, natural wood resin, and real bacon) the better bone will keep your best friend entertained for hours while cleaning their teeth clean. Over 60% of the bone’s composition is made from 100% certified sustainable ingredients. Nearly every other dog bone on the market is primarily made from harmful nylon plastic or dangerous raw hide. This problem is the origin of our mission to #stopfeedingdogsnylon.
BSI’s R&D team at circular materials has created many of the materials & the processes that you see used in our products, or we ethically source materials that can be recycled such as waste commercial fishing nets from the fishing industry and wood waste from the lumber industry. We are not simply a retailer. We are the creator, and manufacturer of some of the worlds most advanced recycling technologies. Our brand means something greater than just a simple marketing ploy.
Anything toxic for a start. You, your family, and your pets safety are our priority. You will find no PVC, BPA, Phthalates, toxic, or SVHC substances in any of our products. You also find little to no (less than 1%) virgin materials in any of our products.
We use 100% recycled, upcycled, or sustainable materials in all of our products. We are the brand you can trust for better more sustainable options. From commercial fishing nets, to wood waste collected from wood mill factories across the globe we are experts in recycled and biofriendly manufacturing and products. Click “here” to see our innovative and earth saving materials.
Transparent and thorough data collection of our materials provided by Life Cycle Analysis and Recycled Claim Standards sets us apart from anyone in the market place. Too often are the words “sustainable”, “organic”, and “recycled” falsely represented. We aim to change that through 100% transparency. Reach out directly to receive more information regarding our certified Life Cycle Analysis studies and more!
BSI is committed to making the entire global supply chain circular and reducing the need to any virgin materials. We would love to hear from you about your idea or product. Blue Standard Loves to co-brand to lend more weight and legitimacy to your endeavors. Please reach out to us for more information through our wholesale inquiry page.

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