Our Story

We’re on a mission to make meaningful, scalable changes in how our planet deals with its waste by creating a new standard.

Preston Craft & Chisholm Weaver were looking for a meaningful way to impact the world, to do something that inspired them and could help the planet that they love. Working in various industries throughout their professional careers there was never anything that properly grasped their ambition, and wonderment of what could be. A way to change the world in a way that many people never get the opportunity to. A love of the outdoors and the oceans brought them together during a chance meeting in New Orleans in early 2020 and from there their passion for creating a better future drove them to create Blue Standard Inc. Discussing the huge issues associated with misleading and frankly dishonest advertising in the sustainability industry gave them the drive to create a new Standard in sustainability. The Blue Standard.

Armed only with an idea and the passion to make a difference, Preston & Chisholm started creating relationships with innovators and experts in circular economies, recycling, and sustainability to create the backbone of what is pushing to be an industry leader in Blue Standard Inc. Knowing where they had blind spots and lack of knowledge they reached out to companies who have the experience to help drive the scalable and measurable changes at large scale. Companies that are helping EU governments, and well-known consumer brands deal with their waste at the national level, along with suppliers that provide equitable, and transparent supply chains.

Since that day in New Orleans Blue Standard Inc has committed itself to transparent, equitable, scalable, and measurable change that the sustainability industry is lacking. Seeing the issues of false or misleading advertising in the recycled and sustainability industries was simply not something that could continue. Materials, suppliers, and manufacturing practices that made the sweeping changes our economy needs back by hard third-party data is the only way to create the new Standard. The Blue Standard.

Business as an innovator for good.

At its core a business is simply a collection of individuals working towards a common goal. There is no inherently good or bad businesses. The goal in business is not always clear but you can bet that it revolves around the bottom line at its very core. Profits in business are not the enemy, but lack of consideration for the environment, the future, human health concerns, and our the next generation is. The unfortunate creations of business and consumerism can also be reversed by those business and consumers habits when given incentives, the right information, and better choices. We believe business can be better. Blue Standard aims to give the consumers and retailers that information and those better choices through innovative sustainable materials, equitable & clean supply chains, and beautiful consumer products that reduce and even reverse impact at every level. Reversing the damage done to our planet by using the passion and virtues that businesses have and pointing it directly at a problem we all have in common. This is the only scalable way to create the difference our planet needs and a new standard for how we create & manufacture new products.

We are proud of our third-party voluntary certifications includes RCS 100, RCS Blended along with the third-party Life Cycle Analysis of all our materials that certifies the sustainability of our products from cradle to grave. Ensuring we have the data to back our claims and build the trust with you the client

Get the Bone & Hanger that started it all.

Ocean plastics, fishing nets, and virgin plastic production are the most pernicious issues facing our planet. Invading everything from our deep oceans, to the food on your plate, even the air you breathe. Microplastics, single-use plastic bags, abandon commercial fishing nets suffocation the oceans. Emission of C02, consumption of fossil fuels, and massive amounts of contaminated wastewater in the production of these materials polluting every other part of the planet. We know all of this.

The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter losing out only to the oil industry. Hangers are the “plastic straw” of the fashion industry. Nearly all are single-use virgin plastic in construction and close to 85% of them find their way into our landfills or oceans.

Blue Standard takes ocean plastic, & commercial fishing nets to create an entirely circular premium quality hanger. Made from 100% recycled materials, and 100% recyclable this innovative material represents the cutting edge of recycled technology. Creating a cleaner world through providing better more sustainable options.

The BetterBone is the result of two extraction surgeries on the Better Bone VP woodford the BerneDoodle caused by Nylon Based dog chew toys sharding. Nylon plastic-based bones are not only an issue for our loved pets but also contributing to new C02 and fossil fuel emissions. We have reached into our bag of innovative materials and created all-natural sustainable dog bone. The BetterBone. We are focused on reducing our impact and creating a better standard across the board even for our pets!