Chisholm Weaver

Co-Founder and President of Sales

Founding Blue Standard in late 2020 is a continuation of Chisholm’s search for sustainable answers to the pollution & waste problem that faces our planet. Passion drives me to introduce trustworthy sustainable products to the market for mass adoption through design-focused consumer products that are safe for everyone and everything. Born and raised on the gulf coast of Florida, Chisholm has seen firsthand the difficulties facing our intercoastal ecosystems and is determined to be part of the solution. Currently living in New York City, Chisholm brings experience in ecommerce startups and a background in distribution throughout North America.

Preston Craft

Preston Craft

Co-Founder and President of Marketing

Preston has a background in distribution sales and operations. He is the founder and CEO of multiple successful startups. He loves the outdoors and travelling with his wife Staci and their two dogs, Woodford and Chipper. You will find his passion for innovation and sustainability in everything Blue Standard.


Woodford Craft

When Woodford was puppy, he was given countless toys to keep him entertained. Ultimately due to unsafe nylon toys, Woodford underwent two life-threatening obstructions surgeries. Our founding partners realized there had to be a healthy and safe alternative to plastic bones, and BetterBone was invented. Woodford has now become the leading salespup for BetterBone and President of Product Testing.



who share our dream of a more sustainable future.


VERTEX has over 25 years of experience in closed loop manufacturing. Founded in 1996, VERTEX Germany has become an industry leader in B2B Retail Manufacturing, specializing in hangers and manakins. Blue Standard, Inc. and VERTEX have partnered to bring their products and manufacturing technology to the individual consumer to help build their shared vision for a circular economy.


Fasal® is composed of wood and renewable natural raw materials.  The main component of wood comes from sustainably managed forests certified. Fasal® was developed at IFA-Tulln and can be processed in conventional injection molding machines. After years of research work, we succeeded to produce a mixture of wood, maize, natural or synthetic resins, and other fillers which can be extruded to injection molding granulates in a stable process. The wood has to show a defined grain size distribution and a constant water content.  As well waste wood that achieves these defaults can be used.  Using waste wood is ecologically sensible as well as favorable.  The standard formulas are exclusively manufactured with wood from sustainably managed forests.


Circular Materials was founded by Karsten Bleymehl and partners sharing a deep passion for innovation and sustainability. Circular Materials is a home for innovative recycled resources with the potential to scaling up the circular economy from frontrunners to the mainstream economic players. Industry and society need to make a decisive contribution to achieving climate neutrality and decoupling economic growth from resource use, while ensuring the long-term competitiveness and leaving no one behind.