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Blue Standard Inc.

Blue Standard Inc. has developed an infrastructure built on 25 years of recycling innovation. Through decades of R&D, we have developed state of the art technology in recycled plastics, ocean bound plastics, wood, and textile materials. Blue Standard is our way of delivering these innovations to the everyday consumer. We envision a world where recycled materials, equitable supply chains, and excellent quality become the standard for sustainable consumer goods. We are here to create the new standard in sustainability. The Blue Standard.

Mindful consumers across the world are demanding a departure from single-use virgin plastic and unsustainable supply chain practices. They believe a shift toward a more circular economy is possible. And each day, we are striving to make this vision a more pervasive reality.

Innovation & Circular Materials

Using our proprietary and innovative materials and manufacturing practices paired with partnerships to fill in any of the gaps in our supply chain we have created a true circular economy for our products, partners, and the consumers who help develop and purchase our products. From 100% sustainable all natural materials in the BetterBone to 100% recycled commercial fishing nets and maritime gear in REPots we operate with the utmost scrutiny to ensure our materials and products are making the difference our planet needs.

Ensuring Measurable & Scalable Sustainability.

We have found many sustainability initiatives do not take it far enough when it comes to their ability to affect the entire global supply chain. Blue Standard Inc. conducts studies to collect data through life cycle analyses from the revered Nova-Institute and Recycled claim standards. These certifications track recycled raw materials through our supply chain to certify the content of our products and the overall carbon emissions impact. This is how we have created the new Blue Standard for sustainability.



See exactly what is in our products. You will find the materials each of our products is made from in our product descriptions. Full Life Cycle Analysis of our products is published on our blog or ask for us for more info on the differences our products make. We see a reduction of C02 emissions of up to 96%, reduction of Fossil Fuel Emissions of 97%, and reduction of contaminated wastewater of up to 99% with our recycled ocean bound plastic materials used in some of our products.


sustainability development goals sdg
sustainability development goals sdg



How can we help your company?

Looking for new ways to improve your sustainability and improve the overall quality and performance of your products? Blue Standard Inc 's history of helping other companies develop new and innovative ways to improve their sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint, c02 emissions, wastewater, and improve ESG's is why we are here. We love helping companies of all sizes bring idea's to life or improve upon existing ones with our expertise in circular economies and materials. Reach out to us at hello@bluestandardinc.com with you new ideas.