Innovative solutions.

The New Standard.

Blue Standard Inc. (BSI) stands at the forefront of sustainable material science and manufacturing, with a rich history spanning nearly three decades. At BSI, we craft scalable solutions to address the planet's most pressing environmental and social challenges. Our commitment to reducing waste and CO2 emissions is reflected in our use of renewable and recycled resources to create premium, thoughtfully designed consumer goods. Our products, many developed from materials we've innovatively created in-house, are not only sustainable and eco-friendly but are also designed to revolutionize entire markets. By focusing on popular, yet essential industries, BSI is redefining consumer expectations with elegant, high-quality, sustainable, and circular product alternatives.

A Powerful Union of

European Excellence & American Diligence

At BSI we harmonize European Excellence with American Diligence, creating a unique blend of innovation in sourcing, production, and our products. This fusion brings together the meticulous craftsmanship and sustainable practices revered in Europe with the dynamic, solution-driven approach that's a hallmark of American industry. The result is a range of products that not only set new standards in sustainability and quality but also embody the best of both worlds – the precision and heritage of Europe, coupled with the bold, forward-thinking spirit of America.

Circular concepts


We transform waste streams from fashion retailers, reclaimed ocean plastic, and commercial fishing nets, along with renewable bio-based, all-natural materials. Our expertise lies in crafting simply elegant alternatives to linear, unsustainable products, embodying a fusion of beauty and sustainability

A Brighter Bluer Future

Vision for what can be

we envision a world where the norm is the exclusive use of recycled, upcycled, or renewable materials. In this world, every supply chain operates on principles of equity, and every product marries high quality with beautiful, elegant design. We're not just imagining a future; we're creating a new standard in the consumer packaged goods industry and beyond – a standard we like to call the Blue Standard.

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From Production to Packaging

We are the global experts in sustainable materials, manufacturing, and branding circular products.