Holistic. Impactful. Practical.

Blue Standard Inc.'s commitment to sustainability is more than a philosophy; it's a tangible, measurable reality embedded in everything we do. Our materials and practices are meticulously designed to be not just sustainable, but demonstrably impactful.

We don't just believe in making a difference; we quantify it, ensuring that each of our materials, products, and processes contribute to a greener world. Our focus on scalable solutions means that our innovations are not niche luxuries, but accessible, effective options for the broader market. At Blue Standard Inc., sustainability isn't just an aspiration – it's a practical, scalable reality driving positive change in the industry and the world

From the Source

Sustainable & Renewable Sourcing

At Blue Standard Inc., we are committed to sustainably and responsibly sourcing our raw materials, ensuring they meet stringent environmental standards. We prioritize renewable resources, & recyclable waste-streams in our sourcing process, aligning with our dedication to sustainability. Additionally, our operations strictly adhere to EU labor laws, guaranteeing fair and ethical treatment of all individuals involved in our supply chain.

Innovative and effecient

Efficient Production & Prototyping

BSI production methods are a testament to our commitment to sustainability and efficiency. We embrace energy-efficient practices in our manufacturing processes, continually striving to minimize our environmental footprint. A key aspect of our innovative approach includes the use of 3D print rapid prototyping, which not only accelerates development but also significantly reduces waste, embodying our dedication to sustainable production techniques.

Measure Twice, Reduce C02 Forever

Certified 3rd Party Life Cycle Analysis

BSI rigorously measures the impact of our sourcing and production processes on global emissions through certified third-party life cycle analysis (LCA). This meticulous approach ensures that our environmental footprint is not just reduced, but quantifiably assessed, reflecting our deep commitment to making a tangible, positive difference in the world

Production to Packaging

Recycled, & Sustainable Packaging

We only use sustainable and recycled materials for our packaging, ensuring that every aspect is environmentally friendly. In line with this, we avoid the use of plastics and opt for non-toxic inks, reflecting our dedication to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting a greener, cleaner planet.

A Greener Future Starts with BSI

Reforestation Efforts

We are about more than just sustaining the present; we're actively investing in the future. Our global reforestation efforts are a cornerstone of this commitment. By planting trees around the world, we're not only contributing to the restoration of ecosystems but also helping to combat climate change, enhance biodiversity, and support local communities. These initiatives reflect our dedication to a greener planet and a more sustainable tomorrow.

Proven Through Experience

Measured Improvements

Our materials and production processes reduce up 97% C02 emissions, 99% use of non-renewable resources, and 97% of waste water production. Measurable actions are the only ones that count in our book.

Reducing plastic waste and producing exclusively sustainable, recycled, or circular products is the Blue Standard Inc. principal.

ESG Goals Delivered

Working towards a better future

Sustainability for humans. Health & safety for dogs.

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