4 Eco-Friendly Products for your Pup’s Sustainable Lifestyle

4 Eco-Friendly Products for your Pup’s Sustainable Lifestyle

Did you know that your pet’s overall environmental (paw)print may be actually large? Let’s take a step back and put our pups' training on hold, as we work on developing our own capacity as dog owners just simply to advocate for environmentally responsible pet items. By doing this, we might even achieve zero waste status for pet owners globally. By choosing sustainable pet items made of natural, organic, and recycled materials, it is somewhat possible to have a zero-waste dog as your pet.


Safe for the Environment–and for Pets!

With the current diminishing state of the environment, it is important to consider how our choices–big or small-may impact the planet. This is especially true, even when it comes to our furry four-legged friends! Many pet owners are making changes in their lifestyles by opting to support and rigorously use eco-friendly products for their dogs. 


Sustainable Pet Products That Every Pet Owner Should Have


Let’s explore some of the best sustainable options for you and your pup! Discover more by reading below:


#1 Eco-Friendly Toys 

Toys are a great way to keep your pup entertained and occupied throughout the day. For those looking for sustainable options, look no further than hemp toys. Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly materials out there because it requires less water and energy to produce than cotton and other materials. Additionally, hemp toys are made with organic cotton—a natural material that will not harm your pup if they chew on it. Additionally, some hemp toys come in fun shapes and colors which can provide hours of entertainment for your pup! 

# 2 Eco-Friendly Grooming Products 

Grooming products can also be a great way to give your pup sustainable options. Try looking for shampoos and conditioners that use natural ingredients such as aloe vera or coconut oil instead of harsh chemicals that can damage both your and your pup's skin.

If you're looking for something more specific, try using a specialized shampoo such as oatmeal shampoo or flea and tick shampoo which will help protect your pup against pests while still being kind to the environment. Additionally, opt for reusable grooming tools instead of disposable ones which can pile up over time and create unnecessary waste.  

#3 Eco-Friendly Pet Collars 

Eco-friendly accessories can be a great addition to any pup's wardrobe! Look for collars made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles or cork fabric which is made entirely from cork trees without using any synthetic materials or fabrics. Recycled collars often come in bright colors that won't fade over time which makes them perfect for active pups who love exploring outdoors or running around the park with their owners! 

#4 Eco-Friendly Pet Beds

Our pups deserve a good night’s rest, so let’s kick off with a few suggestions that will help your fur baby feel at ease all the while “pawing lightly” on the planet. We recommend dog beds that are made from organic cotton–which are comfy enough for even the pickiest pups! There are some brands with cushion beds that are certified and made from recycled plastic bottles. You may also find pet mattresses that are made from non-toxic, easy-to-clean materials. Some even have natural fiber exteriors, sustainable dyes, and filling made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.


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Small Puppy Steps, Huge Impact!

Sustainable living doesn't have to stop at just us humans—our furry companions deserve a chance at an eco-friendly lifestyle too! There are plenty of ways we can ensure our pups live an environmentally conscious life by opting for sustainable products such as hemp toys, natural shampoos and conditioners, recycled accessories, and organic bedding. Taking small steps towards sustainability now will lead to big rewards later on down the road. So start shopping sustainably today—your pup will thank you later!


We are 100% Pro-Sustainability!

In order to receive certifications from prestigious organizations like Nova-Institute & Recycled Claim Standards, Blue Standard Inc. is setting the standard for sustainability activities by using life cycle analysis and tracking recycled sustainable raw materials. This enables us to establish new benchmarks for environmental responsibility while drastically reducing the worldwide impact of the carbon emissions generated by our products.

We are committed to employing sustainable resources in our goods at BetterBone and REPots. We participate in a communal effort that could significantly impact the preservation of Earth's ecosystems by using recycled commercial fishing nets and marine gear for the latter and solely all-natural materials for the former.


Partnership with BetterBone

By recycling, using public transportation, and purchasing organic fruits and veggies, many of us go to considerable efforts to reduce our own carbon footprints. Few pet owners, however, take into account the significant "carbon pawprint" that their animal companions have on the environment. It's truly no surprise that animal lovers also care about their environment - it just goes hand-in-hand of course!

Blue Standard Inc. & The BetterBone has developed industry-disrupting, innovative pet products founded on 25 years of circular, recycled, and sustainable manufacturing and material innovation. With this knowledge, we have created cutting-edge materials from recycled plastics, plastics found in the ocean, renewable plant oils, and recycled textiles. improving the options available to discriminating consumers so they can choose products that are better for their dogs, families, and the environment. Our method of providing these advancements to the common customer is through Blue Standard and BetterBone. We picture a society in which outstanding quality, just supply chains, and environmentally friendly materials become the norm for consumer goods. We are here to establish a new benchmark for safety and sustainability.

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