Circular Materials. Sustainable Products. Innovation is here.

Circular Materials. Sustainable Products. Innovation is here.


Circular Materials, Blue Standard, & the Circular Economy.

Blue standard is the product of over 25 years of innovative research and experience in sustainability and recyclable materials through our experienced leadership team, our lab, experienced material scientists, and partners. We have experience working with international brands to develop and provide sustainable and scalable ways to create circular economies within their supply chains. Bringing this expertise & experience to the average consumer is where Blue Standard Inc. comes into play. Getting these world-leading materials into the consumer's hands and ultimately replacing virgin, unsustainable products and materials is the overarching mission.

Our principles:

  • Re-use what we already have
  • Decrease new plastic emissions
  • Design for recycling
  • Reduce product carbon footprint


Blue Standard Inc uses & develops innovative, high-quality materials in all our products. From using post-consumer, and post-manufacturing waste streams to creating bio-based sustainable and circular materials while focusing on the potential these materials have to scale the circular economy to a size that allows consumers and companies alike the opportunity to make better decisions for our planet and their families—allowing industry and society to make a decisive contribution in achieving climate neutrality and decoupling economic growth from resource use while ensuring long-term competitiveness and leaving no one behind.

We have to transform linear into circular material flows on a planet with limited resources. Our fabrics allow that change from finite to renewable, from virgin to recyclable. The right strategy is critical in any change process. What materials can be easily substituted in today's supply chain? What regulations might affect today's material choice? Do we need to rethink our end-of-life scenario? These are the questions we ask and then solve with unique and necessary solutions.

Circular, Recycled, or Sustainable materials you will find in our products:

  • Recycled ocean plastic/ocean-bound plastic. Certified fair trade.
  • Recycled fishing nets and marine equipment.
  • Bio-based, sustainably sourced injection moldable wood.
  • Post-consumer waste-based construction panels that use no glue and are compostable.

We go the extra mile to ensure that our materials do indeed make the change needed and desired by the discerning consumers of the world. We are using third-party life cycle analysis to measure the C02, non-renewable resource, and wastewater emissions to confirm the reductions we can make with these materials.

Does your company need help meeting ESG goals or creating products with more sustainable and circular materials? Reach out to us at We have helped companies of all sizes become more sustainable and would love to partner on your next project.