Life Cycle Analysis - What is an LCA & How To Measure Sustainability

Life Cycle Analysis - What is an LCA & How To Measure Sustainability

What is a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)?

How do we know that the materials and products Blue Standard Inc creates & manufacturers with are making the difference they intend to? In fact, how does anyone know that their supposed "sustainable material" is making the changes they claim? How do we guarantee that we are in fact the new standard in manufacturing, that our materials are to your and our expectations? This is where a thorough voluntary third-party Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is of great value to both you, BSI, & the planet. Blue Standard Inc and our research and development team have been working closely with the renowned Nova-Institute to allow for a full investigation of our supply chain, materials, and products to ensure we are having the positive impact on emissions and waste that we intend to.

“Life Cycle Assessment is the most reliable method to identify environmental issues within a process and verify claims of sustainability advantages. It identifies hot spots in processes, materials, and products, providing a benchmark against which improvements can be measured. It provides transparent and reliable data compared to other products, enabling producers, providers, and customers to make well-informed decisions. Sustainability assessment go beyond classic life cycle assessments, for example, they integrate questions of safety as well as social and economic aspects. “ – Nova-Institute

What is the Nova Institute?
From their website: “nova-Institute is a private and independent research institute, founded in 1994; nova offers research and consultancy with a focus on the transition of the chemical and material industry to renewable carbon. We offer our unique understanding to support the transition of your business into a climate-neutral future.”

So how do our recycled & sustainable materials stack up against traditional & virgin materials?
Very well in fact. Below are the findings of the LCA's performed on the materials that we use. Our materials including recycled plastics, natural & sustainable injection moldable wood, recycled ABS & PP (ocean & ocean-bound plastics.). When researching more sustainable alternatives ask yourself if those brands can prove what they advertise or have they ever made an attempt to? Our transparent nature sets us apart from other brands that simply make claims without data. This has to stop for the planet to survive. Blue Standard is the new Standard.

Blue Standard Inc. is committed to transparent and honest advertising by using only materials that hold the highest of sustainability, and eco-friendly standards. When we say 100% recycled, and 100% sustainable we mean it. We have taken the time before coming to market to ensure what we offer is the absolute best material and practice for our planet and the quality of products you expect.

LCA - Life Cycle Analysis